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AlphaSwap’s Community includes current and former employees of:


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Monthly Payouts

Monthly Payouts

Generate or vote on ideas and get paid monthly

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No membership Fee

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Trade Virtually

Trade Virtually

Generate your own investment ideas, or vote on others

What our
Community Says

Our Community is made of hand-picked professionals of the Buy-Side, Sell and Private Investors.

Simon Popple, Brookville Capital

I think AlphaSwap has a fantastic product. I shared my Investment ideas; we’ll have a really nice portfolio

Dennis Chan, Value Investor

I don’t anyone else is doing what you guys are doing right now. I really do think that you guys would succeed. Continue with the good work!

Joao, Hedge Fund Analyst

Exactly the type of platform I would use, and of tremendous use for people looking to expose their ideas and financial skills

In the know, with AlphaSwap

We're excited to hit our latest milestone – onboarding institutional investors.

One step closer towards bringing back the alignment of interests between investors and stock pickers – long-lost in... the asset management industry.

Via @HedgeWeek.

Rising self-taught economist @NathanTankus is back – with an article on why the stock market is less disconnected from the "real economy" than we think.

However, he also cautions that stock indices... are not the stock market. Nota bene index buyers.

Today @netflix launches Sir David Attenborough's "A Life On Our Planet" – his “witness statement” to Earth being destroyed by humans.

Millions of viewers will only feel impotent rage.

But ... capital allocators are not impotent – the time for #ESG is now.


We’re sure you have questions. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked ones.

How much can I earn?

The principle behind AlphaSwap is that successful users get paid in cash based on their performance. At present, the total amount payable to successful users will vary between $1,000 and $10,000 per month. The total amount and how it is allocated depends on the number of performing ideas, their performance and also on how a user’s other ideas are performing.

Do I need to invest anything?

You do not need to invest capital. Users do need to commit Credits to submit or vote for an Idea, and at the moment Credits are awarded to users for free. We are applying this principle because we value high quality, high conviction ideas on the platform in order to generate attractive performance.

Would there be conflict of interest with my current role?

Users who are in an investing or markets role will have compliance manuals with varying degrees of depth, but one important point is that users do not invest in securities on the AlphaSwap platform. Notwithstanding, we recommend that users focus on submitting investment ideas which are outside of their direct professional remits.

How can this help my career?

Whether you are on the Buyside, Sellside, or a Private Investor, AlphaSwap is unrivalled in its ability (and focus) to help your career. You will get validation and traction of your ideas, while sourcing new ideas. Most importantly, you will create a track record of ideas and performance you can point to.

Can I be anonymous on the platform?

Yes, you have the option to stay anonymous. You can at any point in time choose to convert your profile to a named profile should you wish to.