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What are AlphaSwap Credits?

Credits are the lifeblood of the AlphaSwap platform. They allow you to Generate or Vote on an investment idea.

AlphaSwap Credits Explained - Video

AlphaSwap Credits

Credits are used to Generate or Vote on an investment idea.
The amount of credits you stake shows your level of conviction.
The more credits you commit, the greater confidence you have in an idea.

How do I get credits?

How do I get credits?

Every user is given 1,000 credits upon registering with the platform. These are your base ‘watermark’ of credits.

How can I make money with credits?

How can I make money with credits?

Credits allow you to monetise ideas. They are the mechanism to track idea performance. The core principle behind this uses the ITD (Inception-to-Date) method. This means tracking a cumulative total of all idea activity, measured in credits, since an account is created. The more credits you accumulate, the more payouts you will generate (subject to a high watermark).

See our Monetization Page for more information on how credits are linked to payouts

What if I run out of credits?

What if I run out of credits?

If you run out of credits email us on

The Watermark, and How It Works

The Watermark

Your initial 1,000 credits forms your starting watermark.

You will only earn cash payouts on the credits that you generate over and above your ‘Watermark’.

Below the Watermark

If you lose credits from non-performing ideas, and dip under your initial watermark (ie under 1,000 credits), you will need to earn enough credits to go over 1,000 again in order to be eligible for cash payouts.

The way you earn more credits is through generating or voting on successfully performing ideas.

Why have a Watermark?

The reasons we keep a watermark are:

To encourage quality high conviction ideas and disincentivize high risk ideas.

To be able to reward based on true overall performance, not partial performance or unrealized performance

To facilitate a meritocratic ecosystem where everyone has the same level playing field.